Package ie.omk.smpp.util

Network protocol support.


Interface Summary
SequenceNumberScheme SMPP packet sequence numbering scheme interface.

Class Summary
AlphabetEncoding SMS Alphabet to Java String mapping interface.
AlphabetFactory Deprecated. Use EncodingFactory
APIConfig Internal API configuration.
ASCIIEncoding Encoding class representing the ASCII (IA5) alphabet encoding.
BinaryEncoding Class representing a message encoded in binary format.
DefaultAlphabetEncoding This class encodes and decodes Java Strings to and from the SMS default alphabet.
DefaultSequenceScheme The default sequence numbering scheme.
EncodingFactory Factory class for obtaining message encoding instances.
GSMConstants GSM constant values.
HPRoman8Encoding Encoding class representing the HP-Roman8 character set.
Latin1Encoding Encoding class representing the Latin-1 (ISO-8859-1) alphabet encoding.
PacketFactory Helper class to create new SMPP packet objects.
PacketStatus Constants representing the SMPP message status.
SMPPDate Object to represent a Date in SMPP format.
SMPPIO Class that provides input and output methods for writing Java types encoded as SMPP types.

Exception Summary
InvalidDateFormatException Exception thrown when an attempt to parse a String as an SMPPDate fails due to a bad format.

Package ie.omk.smpp.util Description

Network protocol support. Classes in this package are responsible for the network-level connection to the SMSC.

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