Package ie.omk.smpp.message.tlv

Support for SMPP v3.4 optional parameter (TLVs).


Interface Summary
Encoder Interface for a value type encoder.

Class Summary
BitmaskEncoder Encoder for bit mask value types.
NullEncoder "No value" encoder.
NumberEncoder Encode a java.lang.Number to a byte array.
OctetEncoder Encode an octet string to a byte array.
StringEncoder Value encoder for string types.
Tag Enumeration class for optional parameter tag values.
TLVTable Table of optional parameters (TLVs).

Exception Summary
BadValueTypeException Attempt to set a value on a tag that expects a Java type other than that used.
InvalidSizeForValueException An attempt was made to encode or decode a value with a length outside of the bounds defined by its Tag.
NoEncoderException No encoder found for a Java type.
TagDefinedException Tag has already been defined.

Package ie.omk.smpp.message.tlv Description

Support for SMPP v3.4 optional parameter (TLVs). This package contains all the support files for optional parameters, including a container for manipulating optional parameters and helper classes for encoding and decoding them. Start at TLVTable for more information.

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