Package ie.omk.smpp.message

SMPP packet types.


Class Summary
AlertNotification Alert notification.
Bind Abstract parent of BindTransmitter and BindReceiver.
BindReceiver Bind to the SMSC as receiver.
BindReceiverResp SMSC response to a BindReceiver request.
BindResp SMSC response to a Bind request.
BindTransceiver Bind to the SMSC as a transceiver.
BindTransceiverResp SMSC response to a BindTransceiver request.
BindTransmitter Bind to the SMSC as a transmitter.
BindTransmitterResp SMSC response to a BindTransmitter request.
CancelSM Cancal message.
CancelSMResp SMSC response to a cancel message request.
DataSM Transfer data between the SC and an ESME.
DataSMResp Response to a data_sm.
DeliverSM Deliver message.
DeliverSMResp ESME response to a Deliver message request.
EnquireLink Check the link status.
EnquireLinkResp ESME or SMSC response to an EnquireLink request.
GenericNack Generic negative acknowledgment.
Outbind $Id:$
ParamRetrieve Parameter retrieve.
ParamRetrieveResp SMSC response to a ParamRetrieve request.
QueryLastMsgs Query the last number of messages sent from a certain ESME.
QueryLastMsgsResp SMSC response to a QueryLastMsgs request.
QueryMsgDetails Query Message details.
QueryMsgDetailsResp Response to Query message details.
QuerySM Query the state of a message.
QuerySMResp SMSC response to a QuerySM request.
ReplaceSM Replace a message.
ReplaceSMResp SMSC response to a ReplaceSM request.
SmeAddress Deprecated. Use Address.
SMPPPacket This is the abstract class that all SMPP messages are inherited from.
SMPPRequest Abstract parent class of all SMPP request packets.
SMPPResponse Abstract parent class of all SMPP Response packets.
SubmitMulti Submit a message to multiple destinations.
SubmitMultiResp Submit to multiple destinations response.
SubmitSM Submit a message to the SMSC for delivery to a single destination.
SubmitSMResp Submit short message response.
Unbind Unbind from the SMSC.
UnbindResp SMSC response to an Unbind request.

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Package ie.omk.smpp.message Description

SMPP packet types.

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