Package ie.omk.smpp.event

Utility classes used by the smppapi.


Interface Summary
ConnectionObserver A connection observer implementation is used to receive event updates from an Connection object.
EventDispatcher This interface defines the observable side of the observer pattern for asynchronous SMPP event notification.

Class Summary
ReceiverExceptionEvent Event generated by the receiver thread when a non-fatal exception is caught.
ReceiverExitEvent Event generated by the receiver thread exiting.
ReceiverStartEvent Event generated when the receiver thread starts.
SimpleEventDispatcher A simple implementation of the event dispatcher interface.
SMPPEvent Abstract super class of SMPP control events.
SMPPEventAdapter Base class for applications to extend for SMPP event handling.
ThreadedEventDispatcher An event dispatcher that does not block the receiver daemon thread.

Exception Summary

Package ie.omk.smpp.event Description

Utility classes used by the smppapi.

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